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TMNT heroes in a halfshell rock soldiers by KivaEnergyArms
TMNT heroes in a halfshell rock soldiers

Time to rock your world (obvious pun, cue facepalm).

Quarry and Razorfist's companion, abducted like them and spliced with a creature from dimension x, this time a rock soldier. That's about it.

Two rock soldiers who are Ch'rell's bodygaurds, pretty mindless and only caring to protect their emperor. Traag can control fire while Granitor can shoot and manipulate the crystalline structures on his body. Even if the turtles get past this two, they would face Ch'rell's fury head on. 

TMNT Heroes in a half shell: Dark Turtles part 2 by KivaEnergyArms
TMNT Heroes in a half shell: Dark Turtles part 2
I brought in my own incarnation of the Dark Turtles. In Fast forward they were clones, but in my incarnation I blend the Dark Turtles with every other turtle character that is not our golden quatro into a whole different set of Dark Turtles. They are not clones, neither are they siblings, just four different species of turtle mutated as a villain's response to our heroes.

Unlike Slash and Tokka, these are based on more obscure concepts, but technically they're not completely OC's...Let's just go into detail.

An obscure character from teh Mirage comics, originally a very large snapping turtle. Here he has more traits of a sea turtle. I gave him a scythe as opposed to Donnie's bo staff/spear. He shares Donatello's intelligence but is more of a weapons expert then a jack of all trades.

He encompasses several concepts. He is first named after a normal unmutated turtle that Raphael once pet-sat (and had nightmares of it turning into a monster) and mixed in some designs of a scrapped character named Kirby, a fifth turtle who was originally going to be the fifth turtle in the Next Mutation, not Venus. 

He is Mikey's counterpart, and wields bladed tonfa. He's turtle guano insane!
TMNT Heroes in a half shell: Dark Turtles part 1 by KivaEnergyArms
TMNT Heroes in a half shell: Dark Turtles part 1
I brought in my own incarnation of the Dark Turtles. In Fast forward they were clones, but in my incarnation I blend the Dark Turtles with every other turtle character that is not our golden quatro into a whole different set of Dark Turtles. They are not clones, neither are they siblings, just four different species of turtle mutated as a villain's response to our heroes


Rahzar and Tokka are ok characters, but they looked way to silly for my tastes. Rahzar got a redesign in 2012 and went from a wolfman/chewbacca lovechild to a more generic skeletal wolf (Don't know about you but at least that's an upgrade to me). I wanted to see what I could do to Tokka. 

Tokka, while no clone is Leonardo's counterpart, the most intelligent and cunning (ironic since he wasn't as bright in his original debut) but sees his fellow Dark turtles as expandable and is a control freak. I gave him Slash's mace because...Let's look at Slash.


Inspired by his 2012 design, given longer claws to fight with and make true to his name. He is a counterpart to Raphael, being as battle hungry but having no empathy or restraint. 
TMNT Heroes in a halfshell: Even more by KivaEnergyArms
TMNT Heroes in a halfshell: Even more
More characters for my upcoming fanfic! Yay!

One of Quarry's companions, like her has been spliced with a creature from Dimension X. He, Stonebiter and Quarry will each have more personality and appearances in my fic.

She is no OC. She is a very obscure characters (as you know I like those a lot). She s one of those fish people from 'sons of the silent age' of the 2003 cartoon. In the comic she was named Rhanna. I am bringing her out of obscurity.

An oddball from the sewer wearing a rat-like mask, and can control said rats with his mind. I tried blending various of his incarnations in the design, hopes he is intimidating enough. 
The Technosirens by KivaEnergyArms
The Technosirens
These three are upcoming antagonists for a planned Sonic fic, an alternate universe where Eggman turns out to be a good guy, but painted as a bad guy. In the mean time other villains use the distraction to build their own empire...and one of those major vilains are the Technosirens.

True to their name they can use their singing voice to control technology, like Magitek channeled through a voice. Though they can't control organics they can at least plant suggestions in the mind, like making them act more violent or unknowingly play in thier hands. Each of them are also technological geniuses in their own right.

It took three tries to get the designs right...or at least fitting. Yes, all three are insects. 


Oldest sister, the leader of the trio. At a young age she realized her status as a prodigy and studied hard to be the best, which she succeeded at. However, her intelligence came with a superiority complex, ego and sense of vanity and eventually came to believe only she woudl be smart and skilled enough to create a perfect order in a wretched world like Mobius, and she and her nearly equally gifted sisters set out for conquest.

Magenta, as mentioned is incredibly vain and arrogant, refusing to believe anyone is smarter then her and doesn't hide it when she thinks someone is stuipd and says it outright in their face. Though she has the actual intelligence to back up her claims, being a master strategist and designer of war machines. In combat she isn't defenseless as she is versed in a full-body fighting style and is very acrobatic in the sky. Despite sometimes insulting her sisters, she cares deeply for them and at times showed a softer side around them. 


Youngest sister, while has the same powers as her sisters and she is also a tech whiz in her own right, she is a ditz and an airheada, often walking with her head in the clouds and being easily distracted. She seems to be blissfully unaware when her sisters insult her and is always cheerful and peppy and wants to cheer up her sisters when they're mad or down. 

Despite her airheadedness, she is the best mechanic of the three, Magenta doing the designing while she does the building. She also uses a very weird Drunken-Fist esque fighting style ideal for catching foes off guard. But despite going through all this to please her big sister, Amarill would rather spend her days cooking. She has a big sweet tooth and mostly makes sweets for her sisters, despite always forgetting that her sisters don't like sweets (but often eat them anyways to not hurt her feelings).


The middle child, she is as she claims herself, never happy. She always makes a bored impression with her gravely voice and monotone. She herself is aware of her condition and is sometimes seen doing random stuff in a hope she could make herself feel any other emotion then sorrow. She often makes sarcastic comments and butts heads with her sisters a lot, but cares a lot for them. 

Out of the three, she is the best pilots, often putting mechas to the tests Magenta designed and Amarill built. She also has a pair of jet skates which allow her to skate fast enough to cross water (true to her species) but her speed still is inferior to that of the likes of Sonic and Shadow. Her fighting style is blended perfectly with her skating skills, creating her own martial arts which uses strong kick attacks and skating tricks.


I went for a bug theme because there aren't enough intervebrate Mobians, not to mentions I have to gained a knack for them. They are named after the three primary colors Cyan, Magenta and Yellow (Amarillo in Spanish, from which Amarill's name is derived). Their outfits seem to be altered versions of the Dar Egg Legion uniforms, but differed enough to stand out on their own (hopefully). 
I tend to come up with ideas, too much for me to handle or write them all. But I just got a great idea for a Sonic the hedgehog fanfic that I found it at least worth sharing. You wanna know what's the plot? Well...I phrase it like this.

We know most versions of Eggman or Robotnik as a conqueror, a monster that turns people in robotic or cyborg slaves. But if we could look at this from a different angle. What if Eggman was just trying to help, using his technology to cure disease and help saving lives? What if the Mobians misinterpret these acts of kindness and Eggman gets unfairly judged and rejected.

The tale of a good Eggman, who is painted off as the villain by a technophopic and progress-hating ruling body, and the heroes are duped into fighting Eggman while he himself has no desire to fight? And the 'minions' he has are those whose lives he saved or has saved lives of their loved ones and willingly and loyally follow him? 

And while the heroes are being led to fight the fake villains, while the real villains are rising up to conquer Mobius. When the cats are away the mice will play...

A first concept for villains are a trio of female mobians (on which I haven't decided yet) called the Technosirens. Their singing voice can hitch special frequencies allowing them to control machinery with their music. They can't affect organics the same way, but their power can still plant subtle hypnotic suggestions in their mind. I haven't set on individual names or species yet. 

The next villain is Legion. Not the Dark Legion, no Legion. He is legion because he is many...and Legion wants to become more...more most join Legion for him to become more then many...
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