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Mobius' greatest heroes: Siren Song page 2 by KivaEnergyArms
Mobius' greatest heroes: Siren Song page 2

Fiona: Where am I, and what are these things?


Fiona: No, I didn't mean to move like that...who is doing this?


Lyra the Leech: Nothing to worry, little dolly, you belong to me again. Don't bother trying anything, everything you do from now on will be decided by me. 


Lyra the Leech: And this time no one will take my precious dolly away from me...


Fiona: (wakes up with a loud gasp)


Fiona: Just a dream...just a dream...


This is page two, and since this follows out of 'Lyra Unleeched', Fiona is still suffering from trauma. I mean, it was like being roboticized: you are aware of what's happening, but you have no control over your body, and this sadistic insane girl makes you do things against your will, as far as forcing you to attack loved ones or force to slit your own throat...Not to mention Lyra dresses and washes her dollies, and while Lyra doesn't do anything to her dollies, some of them still feel kind of...violated. 
Mobius' greatest heroes: Siren Song page 1 by KivaEnergyArms
Mobius' greatest heroes: Siren Song page 1

Artika, the Dark Enforcer base...


Legionnaires and Enforcer robots working.


Grandmaster Oswald: Hurry up, the big boss wants those supplies by tomorrow! If I were to pay you, it isn't to lollygag all day!


Grandmaster Oswald: And somebody turn off that music or I' was I thinking again?


Legionnaires and Enforcer Robots overtaken by singing


Sirens: Oh-whoa-oh, oh-whoa-oh
You didn't know that you fell
Oh-whoa-oh, oh-whoa-oh
Now that you're under our spell...


Surprised? Well...i haven't done comics since my old accounts...and while writing isn't something I barely have time for, I can make drawings more quickly because during my breaks at work, or during slow moments I can whip up drawings more easily. Since it may take some time to get into some of my future projects, I'm going to experiment. I'm going to try to translate some to comic form. 

Now, I can't draw a background to save my life so forgive me if some pannels seem a bit empty. But I hope the characters and storyline will be good enough. I haven't done comics in a long time so forgive me if it seems a bit off at times. 

Oh, and Imagine Tom Kenny as the voice of Oswald. 
Crash Landed: Trophy Girls by KivaEnergyArms
Crash Landed: Trophy Girls
I redesigned the Trophy girls from the crash bandicoot racing games to be more then just...well, eye candy that just hands out trophies and give them personalities. They run a smoothie job called 'Trophy girls' together, where the bandicoots regularly hang out.

The goth girl, sarcastic and snarky. She mostly speaks in a bored-sounding monotone and is annoyed with the antics of her more happy-go-lucky sisters, but still cares for them. She is probably the smartest and has the most common sense of the sisters, but doesn't bother talking dumb ideas out of their head because she thinks they'll never listen to her anyway. 

The ditzy airhead of the sisters, often head in the clouds. She is good at making smoothies, but she gets distracted at times, often mixing up the wrong smoothies or giving them to the wrong person, but the customers forgive her because they know she means well, and she is way too adorable to be mad at anyways.

The otaku, a geek for manga, anime and tokusatsu. She would be considered the most normal of the four if she didn't add japanese suffixes to her speech pattern. Out of the four she enjoys her job as smoothie waitress the most and takes the job the most seriously.

The oldest of the sisters, she dreams of becoming a racecar driver. But she still helps her sisters out at the shop because she is still gathering the tools and means to build a racetrack and racecar. She is the worst at making smoothies so she is restricted to taking orders and making the bills. She is passionate, but hot-headed. 

I just felt like reimagining minor characters into something more interesting. 
Art trade: Team sonic meets freedom planet cast by KivaEnergyArms
Art trade: Team sonic meets freedom planet cast
art trade for :iconmixedfan8643: 

Team Sonic meet the girls from freedom planet.


Sonic: Up for a race, dragon lady!

Lilac: Bring it on, blue!


Carol: Aren't you a bit too old for legos?

Knuckles: What did you say about my shoes?


Milla: :heart:

Tails: Er...thanks

Nicole and Tails, the former summoning some holographic screens and keyboards to dial away at, were trying to find a lead on Finitevus. He had all seven Chaos Emeralds, and though Knuckles had the remaining Emerald shards to put his Master Emerald back together, Finitevus would still be considered dangerous. “I tried triangulating his warp ring frequency, then I tried to follow a DNA scan using Knuckles’ DNA, but this guy covers his tracks really well.” Nicole noted.

“He has Knuckles’ memories, of course he knows how to lock us out…I feel like such an idiot for not noticing we were locked in and instead was fooling around with Shadow.” Sonic said.

“Though I agree on the idiot part, that mad doctor had us both fooled into thinking nothing went on, no sense beating ourselves up about it.” Shadow said.

“I haven’t gotten anything yet…None of our scans work. At this point it may take a miracle for any clues to Finitevus’ hideout.” Tails groaned.

“Often we get miracles tossed in our lap at the last second.” Sonic pointed out.

“I’m not sure if this time it’s going to work to wish ourselves out of this.” Sally added.

Finitevus entered his base through the Warp Ring. Comedy and Tragedy were there to greet him, as was Conquering Storm. “I see everything went according to plan…” Finitevus noted as he saw his servants with the remaining Emeralds.

“Of course. You think a former bride can’t handle something as simple as a gem theft? It’s normally beneath me.” Conquering storm said.

“Helping reshape the world should not be beneath you, dear Storm.” Finitevus said as he took teh rest of the Emeralds from his servants and put them in a box. “Now let’s see how construction is coming along.” Finitevus noted as they walked across the hall. As they walked across it, they could see outside…and saw the surface of Mobius. They were in outer space.

They came in a room where they saw several creatures working hard on construction. These beings were made of a bluish goop, had a robotic implant for a head. “Cute little pet projects Dr. Gerald whipped up. Artificial Chaos clones using Chao DNA…he thought that in a Chao’s immortality and rebirth cycle would lie a cure. Though to myself it’s a waste of time, I congratulate him for the effort.”

Finitevus turned to one of them: “How far until we can test out the new weapon system?” The Artificial Chaos gurgled something in a weird language. “Excellent, it won’t be long now.”

“It better be…the Whisper is getting impatient.” Two huge red eyes from the shadow peered down upon Finitevus and his gang, his henchman jerking back in surprise.

“How can something that big get around so quietly?” Conquering Storm muttered silently.

“No need to worry. I already have the source of power needed to power my weapon. The weapon can lay waste…the weapon can create despair, which is you said what the Whisper wanted, right?” Finitevus told to his ally. “It’s almost done, and both our desires have been fulfilled. The world shall burn, for me to restart, for you as revenge for leaving you alone, and for the Whisper to taste the despair of the people.”

“You better be right…I don’t need to eat, but I am not above a piece of flesh from time to time. And if the Whisper isn’t satisfied, your only usefulness is…food.” The creature growled.

Unknown to any of them, someone had been listening in on them. How the person managed to do so is unclear, but the person made its move. It slipped away and made its way to a specific room unnoticed. The Stranger dialed something in on the console. Whatever it had to do, had to be quick to not be noticed, but also had to be noticeable but by someone else…

“Wait…what’s that signal?” Nicole said as she suddenly detected something. She triangulated the signal. “It comes from…Outer space?” Nicole noticed.

“Wait, are we bringing aliens in the mix as well?” Sonic asked.

“I am not in the mood to deal with aliens on top of all the other crap we’re dealing with right now.” Shadow noted.

“No…they’re not aliens. The signal was brief but I can still make something out…undetectable to the naked eye…then let’s try something else.” Nicole said as she showed the image of the space above Mobius. She shifted into different screens and visions to detect something. She saw the shape of something… “It appears some kind of space station.”

“Not just any space station…that is the Space Colony Ark!” Shadow said.

“That can’t be…the Ark was supposed to be destroyed!” Commander Tower said. “After word got out about the creature that was on board the Ark killing the scientists, GUN blasted it out of the sky.”

“Then someone must have reconstructed it…how one is able to do that is beyond me. And even more impressive is how it remained undetected by GUN’s and the Freedom Fighters’ satellite system for so long; Until that one single message came through to us.” Tails noted.

“It’s like someone wanted us to find out. But who?” Nicole wondered. “We’ll have to find out later, we have little time to act. We have to get on board that Ark, and stop Finitevus’ plan, whatever it is.”

“We can count on GUN and Shadow’s help for this one?” Sally asked.

“I’m in. I can’t stand to see how the place I used to call a home is used and converted into a tool of possible destruction like that.” Shadow growled, clenching his fist.

“But how are we going to get all the way up there?” Fiona asked.

“Finitevus isn’t the only one with Warp Rings; I designed them, Finitevus only stole their design for his own gain. Getting up there is the easy part, but finding out and thwarting his plans...” Tails added.  

“There is no time to waste, not if one has the complete Emerald set. It’s time for some classic hit and run. We hit and the baddies run!” Sonic said, smacking his fist in his palm.

“We’re going to need any tool we can get then…luckily I was working on a little extra.” Tails said as he pulled out two green gem-like objects. “These…are synthetic emeralds. They would serve as decoys, but I hadn’t finished them before Finitevus’ little trick. But they also serve as weaker versions of the emeralds for emergencies. It’s best you and Shadow hold onto one each, Sonic.” Tails said as he handed them to the hedgehogs.

“You never cease to amaze me, little buddy.” Sonic said as he eyed the odd fake Emerald.

“Impressive yes, but now it’s time we take the fight to that mad doctor.” Shadow noted.

Finitevus, on board of the ARK was putting the final touches on his plan. He was checking the details twice as he wanted nothing to go wrong here. However, he noticed a small detail. “Mh…this can’t be right. The cloaking experienced a brief failure…this can’t be. Storm isn’t that smart and my servants are programmed with obedience. Then who…” Finitevus didn’t have time to worry as his systems detected Warp Ring activity that was not his own.

“It seems that whatever happened has brought forth unwanted guests.” Finitevus growled. “STORM! TRAGEDY! COMEDY!” Finitevus called forth his servants. “We got company. Make sure they don’t interfere, this stage is too crucial!” Tragedy nodded, Comedy gave an over exaggerated salute and Storm said nothing but just went along.

Several Warp Rings opened and the Knothole Freedom Fighters, Chaotix and several GUN Forces (plus Shadow and Rouge) came out. “I never thought I’d be back here…and I never thought to see my old home weaponized.” Shadow noted.

“We are going to take it back. I promise.” Rouge said, putting a hand on his shoulder.

“Let’s not make promises we can’t keep.” Shadow said.

“Let’s split up…Knuckles, you take Sonic and Shadow go to this chamber at the bottom, where the Emeralds are stored.” Nicole said as she displayed a holographic map of the Ark. “Use the Master Emerald to counter the Emeralds, just in case Finitevus uses them to power his weapons. The others try to take possession of the station, so we split in three teams to take key points of the station, these control rooms, so we can take control.” Nicole explained.

“Guess this is the first time we’ll fight alongside each other. Feels funny doesn’t it?” Sonic asked.

“Whatever, just don’t get in the way.” Shadow said. The heroes spread out to each achieve their goals.

The Chaotix sans Knuckles made their way to the first control room. However, their paths were blocked but no one but Conquering Storm. “Conquering Storm? But she is supposed to be on Mobius with the Raiju!” Vector noted.

“I don’t think this is the Bride you think she is…” Espio said, his observation skills making him catch on quickly.

“The Shinobi is right…I am not that weak-hearted copy that you know off, I am the real article, I am the real Bride of Conquering Storm…but because of you Freedom Fighters and your war, my clan is lost to me, and chose to follow her instead of me. You took everything from me, and I’ll repay the favor right now.” Conquering Storm said as she prepared herself.

“You are alone.” Julie-Su said as she aimed her gun at Storm.

“I will suffice!” Conquering Storm said confidently, an evil grin on her face. She rushed at the Chaotix with lightning speed and before any of them could react, they were all knocked to the ground. But after getting over the initial surprise, Vector got up and immediately started snapping at Conquering Storm, who leaned back or jumped to avoid the maws, before she gave a very powerful uppercut to Vector’s jaw that sent him flinging in the ceiling, and leave an imprint. Vector came down, and Storm readied to deliver another blow, but Vector rolled out of the way.

Charmy came in and rushed at her with her electric stingers, and jabbed at Conquering Storm, only to her surprise Storm was unaffected, only smirking as she grabbed Charmy’s face and slammed her in a wall. “Our clan’s name means ‘lightning beast’. Lightning can’t affect us!” Conquering Storm said as she then tossed Charmy to the side. Ray flew in with his escrime sticks ready, lashing and jabbing at her, but Storm avoided them without sweat and then sent Ray flying with a powerful kick.

Conquering Storm’s ear twitched as she ducked under a few kunai and then rushed and punched at an invisible Espio. Her senses made his camouflaging useless as he and her traded blows at a fast rate. Espio as a clan heir had better ninja training then other clan members, but Conquering Storm was still in a different league and despite trading some blows and seeming to match he was eventually sent flying when he was jabbed in the chest by a powerful blow.

Julie-Su fired her gun, but it was no problem for Conquering Storm to avoid each of the attacks. She then rushed close to Julie-Su and backhanded her, knocking her away.

Mighty was last. He hoped his brute force would be able to put him through this. He rushed at her and started to deliver punch after punch, not wanting to give her time to recover, if only he would be able to hit her. But Conquering Storm was just too fast and dodged, and then delivered some nerve blows on Mighty’s frame, making the armadillo become stunned and vulnerable.

“Man, she’s like a hurricane! She’s like a super-ninja! How do we fight someone like her?” Vector asked, rubbing his sour cheek.

“Our tag team tactics won’t work, she reacts way too fast, we need to divert her attention more. Everyone attack at the same time, don’t give her time to breathe!” Espio suggested.

“Don’t have to tell me twice!” Vector said as he and Espio attacked at the same time. Conquering Storm avoided Vector’s punches, and at the same time Espio’s knife swipes. Vector swept with his tail, Conquering Storm jumping over it, only Espio to strike her with his tongue briefly, making her lose balance in the air and fall on her back; Vector was ready to punch down, but she kicked him in the chest before he could do so before she rolled out of the way of Espio’s kunai.

Charmy and Ray both struck with their weapons at the same time, but she avoided them, then grabbed each of their wrists and twists their arms behind their back. As Vector rushed in closer, she pulls Charmy along by her wrist, forcing to shock her friend with her stingers before doing the same for Ray and strike Vector with his sticks.

Storm then let both go as she was struck in the hands, due to Julie’s pistol. Storm growled and rushed at her and kicked her down, but Julie-Su got up and lashed her gun around as a melee weapon, which Storm avoided. Vector came back in as she jumped up, struck him in the head, making him topple and bump into Julie-Su. But as she was still in the air, Ray and Charmy picked her up and slammed her in the ceiling, only for her to grab their faces and slam both of them in the ground in return.

However, Storm was charged at by Mighty (Espio reversing the nerve blows with his own knowledge about them) and charge into Storm and slam her hard into the wall. Now was the moment, as Storm was dazed by Mighty’s immense strength. Vector grabbed his headphones and unleashes a sonic wave, disorienting her. Then Charmy and Ray both launched a flying punch. Julie-Su delivers a spinning kick and Espio delivers a karate chop to her face. Conquering Storm staggered. “You dare to strike at a clan bride? You think you can defeat me?”

“That’s what we appear to be doing at the moment. You got fancy moves but you are vain, arrogant and not to mention way too prideful. You are on your own, you are vulnerable.” Vector said.

“Even as a Bride you were alone, you instilled fear, not respect. Those things are not the same.” Espio said.

“I don’t have to be lectured about weak-hearted Shinobi ideals. Fear is the only way to earn a reputation, and power is the only thing that matters. Sentiments of the hearts don’t belong in this plan. I was strong enough to rid myself of such sentiments.” Storm growled.

“Or you were afraid of them and ran away.” Julie-Su said.

Conquering Storm let out a cry of pure rage as she stomped the ground and shook the ground. Several sparks of lightning seemed to appear as she stomped the ground with her fist. “For that insult you will die slow and painfully.”

The Knothole Freedom Fighters made their way to the second control room. Their paths were blocked by Comedy, and he had a whole bunch of Artificial Chaos units with him. He waved at them while twirling his trumpet around in his hand. “That must be one of Finitevus’ lackeys. Nicole, can you make out what exactly he is?” Sally said.

“No…My scans don’t work on it. I can’t determine if he’s organic, mechanical or something else. I don’t even know how Finitevus managed to create something like him…” Nicole said. “Let’s worry later, let’s fight him!”

Comedy pointed at our heroes and sicked the Artificial Chaos at them. These kept the majority of the Freedom Fighters busy. Tori fired her blasters at them, but the shots only left holes in their bodies which quickly grew shut as they then used their stretchy arms to hit her and knock her back. She morphed her hands into blades and cut through them but these wounds healed quickly as well. One of them pinned her to the ground and engulfed her in his liquid body, but Tori fought him off, grabbing his mechanical head and crushing it in her hands, making its liquid body dissipate. “Hit them in the heads!” she warned the others.

The others took note. Rotor grapped an electro grenade, which due to their conductive bodies shorted out the Artificial Chaos’ mechanical parts as well. Dulcy herself froze their liquid bodies and then shattered the heads.

Antoine dodged the stretchy limbs of the Artificial Chaos, ducking under them before moving closer and slash their mechanical parts. Fiona, while her abilities still quite minimal, was able to alchemize to the extent she was able to make the Artificial Chaos solid and unmoving, so she could then shatter them with her daggers.

Amy and Lily aimed their arrows and their darts, with great accuracy piercing the mechanical heads with their projectiles, easily clearing the Artificial Chaos.

Muttski changed into a weird angel-like outfit with a bow and arrow and fired psychic arrows at the Artificial Chaos. Cosmo then moved in and with several strong punches and kicks broke the heads. However, like any footsoldier, it appeared there were large numbers of them and they would still be busy for the time being.

Sally and Tails fought Comedy. Tails moved in and slashed with his tails, but Comedy held out his trumpet to block the impact like a shield and then shot an energy beam from his mouth, knocking Tails back. Sally moved in and lashed with her bo-staff, Comedy dodging the blows and then pushing her back with a sonic wave. Sally groaned as she ignored the ringing in her ears as she saw Comedy moving towards her. He aimed his trumpet to try and shoot fireballs, but Sally batted it with her staff, making him miss and instead vaporize one of the Artificial Chaos.

Tails then butts in and slams his namesakes into Comedy, who staggers, and then fires more energy beams from his mouth, but Tails uses his flight capabilities to dodge the attacks easily. Comedy then shot fireballs from his trumpet, and they seemed to hit Tails. However, when the flames cleared, Tails could be seen engulfed in his improved heat shield, which had absorbed the fire, which Tails then gathered in his shield and shot back at Comedy, knocking him back.

Sally grabbed her sword and moved in, slashing at Comedy, who barely avoided each of the swipes, only this time he got a small cut on his mask near his cheek. He felt it and clenched his fist as he put his trumpet to his mouth, shot an energy beam through his mouth and through his trumpet, creating a bigger, stronger, differently colored fireball to shoot at Sally, who was barely saved when Tails snatched her out of the path of the attack. He then tossed Sally at Comedy, who used the momentum to deliver a powerful kick and made Comedy stagger.

Sally then joined her bo staff and her sword into their scythe form and struck down upon Comedy, who used his trumpet’s durable composure to protect himself, but he struggled as Sally tried to push the scythe further. Tails then came in and used his Tails and slash at the trumpet as well. Using the combined efforts of the Megatal and the chaos-powered tails, the trumpet broke apart. Comedy didn’t seem so happy now.

“Give up?” Sally asked. Comedy however, didn’t give up as he fired several energy blasts from his mouth, which Sally and Tails dodged by jumping aside. Sally then aimed the bottom part of her staff at him, and it stretched out and hit him in the face, his mask being knocked off his face. The mask lay there, as Comedy had his back turned as he doubled over, his face hidden from them.

The two tried to approach him, but he let out a shockwave of energy to knock them back and then slithered away from the fight, apparently desperate to hide his face. “I wonder what was up with that?” Sally wondered.

Rouge, Commander Tower and Bunnie were leading a squad of GUN Soldiers to take the third control room. Like the others, they had someone stand in their way. Tragedy, the sorrowful one of Finitevus’ henchman, accompanied by Artificial Chaos like the rest.

“Those are Dr. Gerald’s inventions…they dare to use the poor man’s inventions for such villainous acts?” Commander Tower said as he aimed his gun at them. “You sicken me!” Tragedy didn’t reply, just stroked his baton for a while, before he pointed it at them and sicked his minions on him.

The Gun soldiers were highly trained, but the Artificial Chaos had supernatural strength and endurance, and the fact the projectiles went right through their bodies didn’t help either as they were being pushed back by the onslaught. “Aim at the heads, it’s an obvious weak spot!” Commander Tower said as he shot one of them through their mechanical heads, dissipating his liquid body. The soldiers followed example of this.

Tragedy went up against both Rouge and Bunnie. Bunnie pulled out hand cannons and fired at Tragedy, who used his baton to swat the energy blasts away, then stretched out his baton and it hit Bunnie in the chest, shocking her. Rouge moved in to protect her by kicking him in the face. Then she morphed her legs into a drill and rushed at him. Tragedy fired energy blasts in the shape of music notes, but these bounced of the drill and Tragedy had to duck aside to dodge. He then stretched out his baton, which became like a long wire to wrap up Rouge and started crushing her.

Bunnie moved in, making her fists (or the battle armor around it) large and readied to pound down on Tragedy. Tragedy fired eye lasers to knock her back and prevented her from helping Rouge. But one of Rouge’s wings squirmed free, and enlarged, then hit Tragedy, forcing him to let her go. Bunnie and Rouge moved in towards him, but Tragedy waved his baton around above his head in a circle motion and a tornado of energy music notes appeared around him and shot in every direction, hitting the two.

The tip of his baton sharpened and he was ready to pierce through Rouge’s head with it. He raised it, but before he could launch the death blow, something hit him in the face. The stretchy limb that had hit him retracted back to its owner. One of the Artificial Chaos had turned on him. Tragedy angrily pointed his baton at him, but it then sent a part of her own body at his face, making him stagger and struggle to get it off. It drew the attention of Rouge and Bunnie.

“One of those things is helping us? Is this a trick?” Rouge asked.

“Ah’m not sure, but we can figure it out later. Right now we’ll show maskface that we mean business!” Bunnie said as she turned her hand in a spike mace and whacked Tragedy in the face, making part of his mask crumble. Rouge then did a sweep kick in the air, making the hearts on her boots shoot out like projectiles and hit him in the head; cracking his mask further and tearing half of it off.

Tragedy covered the exposed half of his face with his hand as he shook in anger. He aimed his staff at the ground, created a smokescreen and used it to cover his escape. After the Gun forces dealt with the remaining Artificial Chaos, they eyed at the single one remaining, the one that has helped them.

“Ah suppose you are the one who laid the trail of breadcrumbs for Nicole?” Bunnie asked. The Artificial Chaos nodded. “So…why did you help us?” Bunnie asked. The creature replied with a single gurgle. Which the others couldn’t understand. “Ah beg your pardon?” The creature slapped its forehead. It then got an idea, as it molded its liquid body into a new form…

“It can’t be…” Commander Tower said as he was which form the Artificial Chaos had taken.

Shadow, Sonic and Knuckles made it to the core of the Space Colony Ark. Finitevus was already waiting for them. He had the seven Chaos Emeralds implanted in one of the consoles behind him. “So good of you three to join us here today. So I could present to you: the end of the world!”

“How did you manage to put the Ark back together? And what are you planning with it?” Shadow asked angrily.

“Ah yes…those GUN forces who were forced to take it down first didn’t check if they properly finished the job. It was damaged, but crashed into the moon, on the dark side, where it lay forgotten. I just had to follow a trail of breadcrumbs someone left behind for me, and I found it. I reactivated some of Gerald’s pet projects and reprogrammed them to help me reconstruct the Ark, as well as improve it…with my new invention, the Eclipse Cannon! With the power of seven Emeralds, I’ll burn down the surface of Mobius, erasing all life, and allowing it to start anew, a clean slate, over which I’ll keep watch as it will evolve into a perfect world…a world in my image.”

“That’s just the thing, Dr. Spooky von Evil, you are just too damn ugly!” Sonic noted. “And we are going to stop you!”

“You are discrediting the memory of my loved ones with your antics, I will not let you get away with this.” Shadow growled.

“It’s time we settle business. You have been causing too much grief for way too long!” Knuckles added.

“And I thought we could be friends.” Finitevus mocked. “But since I’m quite busy I will leave my…associate to keep you busy!”

Out of the shadows, the mysterious ally of Finitevus rose. How they had missed something as big as it earlier they didn’t know. But one look at it and they knew they wouldn’t be able to mess with it. “Remember him, Shadow? You have a history together. How he killed the Ark’s entire crew, and only left you?” Finitevus asked.

“It can’t be…” Shadow said, a hint of fear in his eyes. The creature rose, giant, lizard-like, cybernetically enhanced…revolting.

“What is that thing?” Sonic asked.

Shadow gulped. “Benedict’s failsafe, which he used to cover his ass…by wiping out everyone on the Ark. I can’t believe it is still alive…the Bio-Lizard!”

The Bio-Lizard eyed Shadow. To Shadow’s surprise, it spoke: “Shadow…you and your world will burn!”

Super Sonic Z 140
First of three parts that will end the Adventure 2 saga. I bet you are having a lot of questions now...

What is behind Comedy and Tragedy's masks? What is up with that single free-willed Artificial Chaos? How come the Bio-Lizard is talking now? Are the heroes going to be able to defeat it?

Find out those answers and more, next time on SSZ!
I tend to come up with ideas, too much for me to handle or write them all. But I just got a great idea for a Sonic the hedgehog fanfic that I found it at least worth sharing. You wanna know what's the plot? Well...I phrase it like this.

We know most versions of Eggman or Robotnik as a conqueror, a monster that turns people in robotic or cyborg slaves. But if we could look at this from a different angle. What if Eggman was just trying to help, using his technology to cure disease and help saving lives? What if the Mobians misinterpret these acts of kindness and Eggman gets unfairly judged and rejected.

The tale of a good Eggman, who is painted off as the villain by a technophopic and progress-hating ruling body, and the heroes are duped into fighting Eggman while he himself has no desire to fight? And the 'minions' he has are those whose lives he saved or has saved lives of their loved ones and willingly and loyally follow him? 

And while the heroes are being led to fight the fake villains, while the real villains are rising up to conquer Mobius. When the cats are away the mice will play...

A first concept for villains are a trio of female mobians (on which I haven't decided yet) called the Technosirens. Their singing voice can hitch special frequencies allowing them to control machinery with their music. They can't affect organics the same way, but their power can still plant subtle hypnotic suggestions in their mind. I haven't set on individual names or species yet. 

The next villain is Legion. Not the Dark Legion, no Legion. He is legion because he is many...and Legion wants to become more...more most join Legion for him to become more then many...
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Have you come up with something for me to write for my end of our AT?
KivaEnergyArms Featured By Owner 4 days ago
Not yet. I had forgotten about it in fact.

But maybe you can do something...I dunno, with Lyra Leech? Mind control seems right up your alley. 
Vorahk295 Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Writer
I think we agreed that I should use Lya because I couldn't really do much that you're not going to do in your series.
KivaEnergyArms Featured By Owner 4 days ago
I don't remember what we have gone over and what not...I had actually totally forgotten it at this point.

Maybe you can do a oneshot of Nic and Fiona? About the time the two worked together. They are ready to collect a bounty, but lately Fiona has been distracted as she no longer wants a life on the run and the two need to a have a heartfelt goodbye as they take their own paths?
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Thanks for the fav
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